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African Market in Europe is a Market solution for customers to find goods and services from Africa and Europe in one platform. A bridge between both continent.

AME was initiated by the needs of African Women in Europe organisation. There was the need for a Market Place to access products and services at one stop.

We have over 3000 trusted Africa diaspora customers ready to buy your products and services. We have great companies in Africa offering great products and services.

If you are a SME, business owner,Owners of African shops in Europe, producer, manufacturer, retailer, distributer or simply a reseller based in Africa or Europe and you want to reach your customers in europe in one place, this  is a one stop market to market your products.

Contact us and join our platform and display your products and services to our customers at a yearly discounted fee.

If you are an African Women in Europe Member you have a special price for you contact us below

What Next?

  1. Contact us and tell us a little about yourself, your products,website if any (website is not a must) and contact details
  2. AME will careful check if  products and Services  fit to AME standards
  3. After approval AME will create a page to the category where your product best fit. This will be discussed with you before hand. You will be requested to send us information to be added on your page .
  4. Your direct contact will be put on your page if any of our customer need your products or services they will contact you directly. (Make sure you keep checking your emails regularly) After the connection AME will not be involved with communication there after.
  5. Please Read Terms and conditions and Privacy

N/B AME does not handle goods or services directly . AME is a link between You and customers.


Advertise your business with AME

This is a yearly discounted fee to add your business on AME website. With Over 3000 Contact in Europe and Africa. Your business will be Exposed to potential customers who are looking for your products and services . P/S Contact us first before booking. details on the website


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