A secter gem in Taitia Taveta

Rural, Rugged and Real

Beulah Gardens

A secret gem in Taita Taveta

Rural, Rugged and Real

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The cottages are built ecologically with soil from the site. They are set with privacy in mind with just three of them nestled in a picturesque location surrounded by the enchanting Taita Hills, open fields and wonderful views of the savanna and the magnificent Kilimanjaro. At this secret hideaway we endeavour to maintain a balance between the environment and providing guests with the highest quality of an authentic rural comfortable farm stay.


The new normal calls for innovative solutions on how we do everything. You can utilise our shade trees and parasols for your small group meetings and dining. The fresh air outdoors and wind current offers you safe natural air conditioning.

Taita and tea are synonymous. You will experience the hospitality and enriching conversations as you enjoy a generous supply of cups of tea and local snacks.

Enjoy your meals

Our well aerated outdoor kitchen with an energy saving clay stove is available for you to prepare your own meal, or you can eat what we have prepared; a golden chance to taste our local traditional cuisine.

Enjoy your stay

Come to relax, meet storytellers, nature and the traditions. Enjoy the hospitality of Taita Taveta.

At Beulah Gardens we create memorable rural experiences within an environmental and ethical framework in a sensitive environment. At nightfall you will be mesmerized by the zillion stars and the milky way you will observe in the pitch darkness. Enjoy a serene night atmosphere rounded off with a storytelling evening and a cuppa around a bonfire beside your cottage.


Take in the fresh air, the scents and colours of our cultural heritage, and our wellness package.


Mbulia is classified as a semi-arid area, that has been punitively dry for many years leading to prolonged droughts. At Beulah Gardens, we invested in a water tank to harvest rainwater and have opted to rare fewer goats as we look for efficient, sustainable ways to farm and coexist with wildlife.

Sleep well

Your comfort is guaranteed. You have your space, a comfortable bed, handwash sink, WC including an arabic shower and head shower with hot water in your cottage.

For showering we have our own KEBS approved soap containing aloes and other active botanical ingredients and goat milk from Beulah Gardens.

Discover rejuvenate and enjoy

You are very Welcome

We invite you for a farm stay at Beulah Gardens, Mbulia. Stay overnight or for a weekend in a relaxing ranch atmosphere with an artistic touch. Enjoy the company of our hospitable family and adorable goats. Enjoy farm grown food, fresh air and refreshing sceneries. We promise you an unforgettable rural experience putting a personal face and story to farming and rurality.

For more information contact:

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Facebook: Beulah Gardens Mbulia

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