Gold is crisis-proof and recoverable

For over 3,000 years, gold is a means of payment. Earlier coins today in fine gold bullion. It is not affected by inflationary monetary policy. This knowledge also make use of States and institutions and use gold as currency reserve.

Gold enjoys a tax privilege

With a resale after one year and one day the income accruing from the sale are tax according to §23 EstG and capital gains tax free. In addition, the purchase of gold is exempt from VAT. (Ask to tax issues, please contact a tax advisor of your choice)

Gold has high potential for appreciation

The price of gold has risen over the last 30 years, an average of about 10% annually. In addition, scientists have calculated that only about 45,300 tons of gold can be mined, which suggests a further increase in value.

Gold is easy inheritable

The possibility of any denomination, an inheritance of gold is very straightforward, as opposed to fixed investments, such as real estate. (Please ask the lawyer you trust)

Gold is easy to swap

By purchasing 999.9 LBMA certified gold you are always illiquid because you are able to exchange your gold at any bank in exchange for money. Gold is money. In addition, gold is a mobile asset value.

Gold is recommended for long term investment

You can make up to 6% interest on Gold.

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Save for your children and much more …….

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