Intercity Property


About US

Founded over five years ago, Intercity Properties Limited seeks to bring property investors value for their money by offering highly marketable properties. Through our real estate selling services, a consultancy in asset financing and construction of homes we create opportunities for our customers in Kenya and abroad to own land and invest.

Over the years, we have sold hundreds of acres of plots offering citizens a chance to invest and develop thus boosting property ownership and development to people and to the society at large.

Our clients have been Kenyans at home and in the diaspora, which has given us valuable experience in property marketing and investment. This has in turn given us a client base of very satisfied customers.

To make the process of property ownership easy and create customer confidence all our properties come with individual ready and verifiable title deeds. We also arrange flexible payment terms so as to allow as many customers as possible afford and make an investment in land.


The objectives for which the company was established are:
  • Identify and acquire prime parcels of land in various strategic locations in Kenya
  • Add value to the land acquired by installing world class infrastructure and amenities
  • Sell the value added land to people looking for value for their investments and places to build their dream homes
  • Ensure the Company has ready titles deeds before commencing selling of any property
  • Facilitate proper paperwork and ensure smooth and hustle free transfer of title deeds to customers
  • Offer professional property consultancy services to Kenyans in the country and abroad. These services include;
    • Consultancy in helping customers identify the best real estate properties in the market
    • Consultancy to customers needing asset financing facilities
    • Consultancy and facilitation of home construction
  • Design, develop and manage real estate properties